Are The "Green", "Organic" and "0-Rez" Ways of Carpet Cleaning The Best?

With more frequency than ever before, carpet cleaning companies are promoting “green”, “organic” and “Zero Rez®” as the best methods of choice. Are these the best chemicals or ways to have your carpet cleaned?

The quickest way to answer this is that it does matter which “chemical” or “process” is used and it also matters who is doing it and with what equipment. For example, there are recommendations and complaints online about Zero Rez® and the complaints seem to be associated with the operator or company. Is their “empowered water®” some kind of revolutionary breakthrough?

This company basically makes it sound like “residue” from carpet cleaning chemicals can be avoided by using their method. All carpets gather “residue” in the form of dirt, sand, spills, pet accidents and oils. If these are not removed in the cleaning process, isn’t there still a “residue”? What about their cleaning chemical?

Because Zero Rez® doesn’t use surfactants (emulsifies oils) its “B” Water can actually make oily areas worse (sticky), according to some experts. Knowing this, some Zero Rez® operators may use pre-sprays (like any other carpet cleaner) that break down the oils to prevent this problem. So really, their advertising got them the job, their higher prices seemed justified yet, in the end, the method may have been compromised. Can you really know what they used? Unfortunately, franchises have their drawbacks because of reviews.

There is no easy way of knowing if there’s zero chemical residue in your carpet. What if there was residue from previous carpet cleanings? Did they get that out? What about all the dirt, sand and oils? Did they get that all out? Their water, through electrolysis, has Sodium Hydroxide in it (also known as caustic soda, or lye, which is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula NaOH. This is a man-made product and shouldn’t be classified as “natural”.

What about organic or “green” chemicals used to clean carpets? We have used a cleaning agent made from sea weed. Was it effective? Actually, yes. It cleaned as well as man made products. The main difference was the price of the product. It was much more expensive. So to have this type of product used in carpet cleaning usually comes with a higher price for service.

What do we use to clean your carpet? Our product is a Pre-spray and Detergent in one. It is so concentrated, we only use 4-6 ounces per five gallons and that’s metered to 2-4 gallons per hour. It is a powdered formula with no harmful chemicals and is made from products found in food. It is safe for the environment. It is loaded with natural water softeners, is non-corrosive, non-fouling, is anti-resoil, is gentle enough to clean stain resistant fibers and won’t strip away the stain resistance in carpeting. It is soap free and carries the certified green label. No cleaner is safer.

Our carpet cleaning products are safe for people and pets, are 100% bio-degradable and do not cause any health issues in their final state. They do not need to be vacuumed out of a carpet and they are not the main cause of carpet re-soiling. Carpets re-soil faster than when new because the “Scotchgarding” protectant wears off and needs to be replaced after cleaning.

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