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Carpet Cleaning Company Reviews

Can You Trust Carpet Cleaning Company Reviews?

If you're looking for carpet cleaning company reviews, you probably don't have a regular professional carpet cleaner or didn't like the last one you used.

So you're looking for someone who does a great job, is reasonably priced and is actually recommended by others. You might be new to the area and aren't able to get a local word of mouth referral. We feel for you. It can be confusing to pick one.

There are some free review services that offer reviews of services like ours. When reasoning about it though, when it comes to a review of a carpet cleaning service, it's not like a review of a restaurant.

Most people voluntarily write reviews about restaurant food and service because they want to. However, when it comes to a service like carpet cleaning, most people have to be asked to write a review.

Now let me ask you, which customers will a carpet cleaner ask to write a review for them? Of course, those who thought he/she did a great job. So is there a better way?

Yes, you can consult the Better Business Bureau or type into a search bar the words, rip off or complaints and the company name. Not that these are full proof. But they should be an indication of the company's character. Many carpet cleaners have no complaints or bad reviews.

How about the Company's website? Does it have pictures of the people who will actually come to your house? If not, why not? Does it have their office location? Why not? What is the quality of the website? That's a sign.

What about their prices? Do they always have a "special" and "discounts" posted on their website? Are they really specials and discounts if they are always there? What does that tell you about the people behind the company?

Nothing beats a recommendation from someone you know who's opinion you trust. You might just find the best carpet cleaner ever if you ask the right person.

We have a few reviews of our carpet cleaning service posted below, However, we feel if you explore our website, you'll get a pretty good feel for our character and company. Thanks for stopping by.

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Aaron Smith

"These guys are the best carpet cleaners around."

Julie Valdez

"Our carpet was dry in a few hours and the carpet felt soft and looked super clean."

Julie Cooper

"Andy and Matt are fantastic carpet cleaners".

Mike Thompson

"Great friendly service and showed up on time. Very reasonable prices."