Looking For Carpet Cleaning Coupons and Specials?

It certainly wouldn't make any sense if a coupon offered 90% off now would it? And free Scotchgarding? Why does it say that?

It says that to get your attention. Actually that's the purpose of any carpet cleaning coupon. There's two things you should know though:  (If you want to pass on why, there's a real coupon below)

Many carpet cleaning coupons are NOT discounts but the actual price the carpet cleaner wants to charge.

How do we know? We know because the coupon never expires! Oh, it does have an expiration date on it but that's only to get you to act before that date. Think about it.

Does a coupon expire if it's on a website and never changes or comes off the website? Does a coupon expire if year after year you see it in the same advertisement?

How about the actual discount? It seems a percentage off is better than a dollar amount. Actually, that doesn't matter. A discount is a discount. There's a bigger question.

What is the original price? What are the regular carpet cleaning prices? If you don't know these, how do you know you're getting a discount? 25% off of what?

What you really want is the best carpet cleaning possible at a fair or reasonable price. No games. No gimmicks.

For more information see Why Do Carpet Cleaning Prices Vary So Much?

Below consider our "coupon" or "special" to be a $20 bill we give back to you for using our carpet cleaning service. Must be new customer and the total quote must be $150.00 or more. Does not apply with any other offer and isn't valid before or after a holiday week or for same or next day service.


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Carpet Cleaning Coupons and Specials