Are you really getting a discount for professional cleaning services from those that advertise price? Discover the truth about carpet cleaning discounts.?

People love discounts. We've come to expect them. What we don't expect is when we believe we're getting a discount when actually we're not.

For example whether it's an advertisement or on a website, some carpet cleaners offer the same discounts month after month and year after year. In other words, it's their regular prices.

Then there's the $99 Special that turns into $238 and there's the 40% off our regular prices that still ends up being high because their regular prices are very high. And where are those "regular" prices listed?

We don't believe in gimmicks, trickery or bait and switch tactics to swindle you out of your hard earn money. What we do believe in is doing honest and fair work for a reasonable price.

Throughout the year, we offer discount carpet cleaning for various cities in Southwest Riverside County.

          A current carpet cleaning special is being offered for the cities of Murrieta and Wildomar.

Posted June 1, 2016

We also offer "Referral Discounts", up to $50 off your next cleaning for referring our service up to 3 people.

We have two semi-annual discounts. One the last week of the year, starting December 24th and in the Winter from March 1 to March 15th. The carpet cleaning special is: 1 free room with a minimum of 3 rooms for only $99.New Customers only. Stairs and Hallways are consider 2 rooms. Call 951-805-8585.

You can also check our Facebook page to see if we've added any carpet cleaning discounts or specials;

As a general rule, we do not lower our price after we give you a quote even though you might ask us to. It has been our experience that those who ask for a carpet cleaning discount after we give a quote, usually have the dirtiest carpets. Dirtier carpets should require a higher charge not a lesser one don't you think?

Our experience has been that our prices are fair, competitive and reasonable. You have your low end and high end prices and those prices usually reflect the kind of service you'll get. However, we've been told by our customers that we do as good a job if not better job than the high end priced cleaners because they once used them until they found us.

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