Don't Be Fooled by Those Who Use Price To Get You To Call

At A. Andrews and Sons we don't believe in using "price" to lure you into using our service. Advertising carpet cleaning prices, discounts and coupons may seem like a sure way to know what you're going to pay, but is it?

All too often, what others tell you you'll pay and what you end up paying are far apart. Our Company emails you the actual carpet cleaning price and we stick to that price unless you add something or you forgot to mention an area. We do not pressure you to spend more or try to "upsell" you with other services.

Some websites have carpet cleaning coupons or specials posted permanently on them. Is it really a special price if the coupon is always posted?

Some carpet cleaning companies advertise 20% or 40% or even 50% off their regular carpet cleaning price. Where is their regular price posted so you know you're really getting that much off? Beware of carpet cleaners that ask if you have a coupon, saw an ad or ask how you found them before giving you a quote. They may give you 20% off whatever price they choose.

If a carpet cleaning company is offering 40-50% off, why are their prices so high to begin with? What if they charge $800.00 to clean your whole house, take off 40% or $320.00, charge you $480.00 and that's higher than our regular price? Wouldn't you feel like you're being taken advantage of? Is their service that much better or are you just willing to pay a higher price?

Some carpet cleaners in Temecula and Murrieta charge twice, three times and even four times as much as others do. Why? Are they the best carpet cleaners? Think about it. Every Industry has your high end service or products because there are people willing to pay for it. We would be happy to show you what we can do for probably a lot less than what you've paid in the past.

These carpet cleaners may do great work, perhaps better than most, but that doesn't mean you can't get just as good a carpet cleaning job for a lot less. How do we know? Our carpet cleaning prices are 50% lower than the recommended charges by the carpet cleaning Industry. Yet we have customers who have used these high priced carpet cleaners and said we cleaned their carpets just as well.

We're not the cheapest carpet cleaner in the area. We don't want to be. We don't lower our quote because you ask us to. We know the value of our work and many people literally say, "That’s fair" or "that's reasonable" after we quote the price. Call others like Rancho Carpet Care or Paul's Carpet Care first and then call us to compare.

As far as those who advertise "Whole House Carpet Cleaning" for $159.00 (Stairs Slightly Extra). $45.00 extra = $204.00 total. Does this make sense to charge the same price for a 1400 sq. ft. house and a 4000 sq. ft. house? What if one house is lightly soiled and the other is filthy? Charging the same doesn't make any sense so don't expect the same quality of cleaning. Do you see other services like plumbers or electricians advertising price? No. Because circumstances are different for each home.

So don't be lured or fooled by discounts, coupons or price. Also, you can pay a small fortune for carpet cleaning if you want but why not get the best possible carpet cleaning job at a fair and reasonable price?

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How To Determine Fair Carpet Cleaning Prices - Our Prices

Ninety per cent of calls to us about carpet cleaning begin with the question, "how much do you charge"?

On the one hand, this is a great first question because if you can't afford the price, then what else is there to discuss. It's like a caller first asking if we can come today or tomorrow, if the answer is no, they move on.

On the other, if all a caller was interested in was the price, then they would keep calling until they found the lowest carpet cleaning price. For some, that's all that's important.

However, what if the job is done so poorly or the carpet is wet for days and you end up having to get it re-done? Isn't quality of work and a work guarantee also important?

We understand that all situations, how dirty the carpet is, how much carpet there is and what kind of expectations people have are all going to be different. So what do we charge?

When you call, you can let us know what degree of service you want and we can price our work fitting to what YOU want:

1. Do a Quick Service. Your carpet is not very dirty, you just want traffic lanes (not all open areas) or spots done or you’re moving out and want the place looking good enough to get your deposit back.

2. Regular Service. You want all your open areas cleaned around furniture yet you want a thorough cleaning.

3. Best Service. You’re interested in a complete service which may involve furniture moving, pre-vacuuming, Scotchgarding and carpet raking grooming.

What we can assure you of is that our price will neither be the lowest nor the highest yet our quality of service will be very high. Give us a call, perhaps after you've gotten an estimate or two and you'll see what we mean.

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