We realize you paid for our service and you expect the quality of our work to reflect that, however, we may make mistakes or overlook something or some unusual circumstances interfered with the high quality of work you expect from us. All we ask of you is to call us up to 30 days after the date we cleaned for you and inform us of the problem


"If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our service and work or if an area we cleaned doesn't quite look good enough or if spots come back within 30 days, we will come back and re-clean the area or spots you want done. If there are still spots that come back or you are not satisfied within 14 days after that, we will come back and re-clean the area again. If you are still not satisfied, you have up to 14 more days to call and inform us and we will refund the money charged you by us for that particular area or room (even if only part of the room has the issue) based on our per room charges".

Please also read what this guarantee does not include, all of which is reasonable and customary:

Stains differ from “spots” in that they do not come out with chemical spotters or steam cleaning. With modern day specialty chemicals, some stains like rust, red dye or urine can be “removed” without “donut holing” the carpet. This is a time consuming process and results cannot be guaranteed. This extra service requires an additional charge. Other stains include colored juices, coffee, bleach mustard, acne solutions and stomach acids from vomit and some types of paint. This list is not all inclusive.

Odors and Odor Elimination Service: Cleaning carpets, upholstery or tile and grout will not get rid of pet or other odors. Pet urine goes below the surface where it needs to be treated specifically. When we do an odor elimination service, we cannot guarantee complete odor removal because some pet damage may be undetected or on non-carpeted surfaces like baseboards and walls.

Suds and Soap:

Some household products like Resolve and Woolite contain soaps and suds when used on spots will spread into traffic lanes. The spot cleans out but the product does not rinse out of carpet fibers and the residues attract dirt that may cause “spots” to look like they’re coming back. We recommend Folex for spot cleaning. Household products like club soda, baking soda and white vinegar can be used.

Carpet Fiber Damage:
All carpet develops wear patterns that “shades” a carpet to look a little darker than unworn areas. Some carpet fibers like Polyester are very hard and have very little resilience, so they wear terribly and actually look dirty even after they’ve been cleaned. Cheap carpets wear poorly and even plush carpets develop "shade lines".

Carpet Damage (pre-existing):
We may not detect and you may be unaware that your carpet had pre-existing damage somewhere on it. This includes carpet tears and holes, carpet that is rippled or loose (off the tack strip or not tightly adhered to it), seam separation, indentations from furniture or smashed fibers from heavy objects and sun fading. Occasionally, carpets will ripple from being loose and humidity. They usually relax or return to their flat position in a day or two all on their own.

Black Filtration Lines:
These are dark or black lines along walls, under doors and along stair sides caused by carpet fibers “filtering” airborne dirt, chemicals and heating soot when an air conditioner or central heating system is turned on. These can develop into stains and are difficult to remove because of potential damage to walls and baseboards and the difficulty of reaching fibers that are curved downward where they attach to the tack strips. We clean along walls but can't guarantee black filtration line removal.

Excessive Soiling:
When carpet is not cleaned properly or when needed, dirt and oils can bond with carpet fibers and may not want to release. In some cases, the carpet needs to be “restored” and not just cleaned. We cannot guarantee the carpet will look like new or perfectly clean under such circumstances. We always ask what condition the carpet is in. Sometimes people will say the dirt is heavy when in fact the carpet is thrashed. Thrashed carpet requires extra labor and equipment to "restore" and requires an extra charge In some cases, we just may turn down trying to clean a "thrashed" carpet, especially if we were not told about its true condition.

Tile and Grout or Stone Floor Cleaning:
We cannot guarantee to remove all dirt in “pitted” tile. We are not responsible for removing grout “paint” or sealers or any other chemical put on grout lines when doing normal grout cleaning.

Occasionally, a tile floor (natural or man made) may have coats of wax or floor finish on them in an attempt to make them “shine”. Over time, the finish begins to peel and yellow. This makes the floor look dirty. The floor finish needs to be “stripped” from the tile and this requires a whole different process than just cleaning. This will require a new or separate charge.

Sometimes we encounter different colored grouts. Perhaps new grout was applied to match dirty grout and after we clean, the different colors are revealed. We are not responsible for this inconsistency, nor for cracked or missing grout or tile.

Stone Polishing or Restoration:
Polishing a stone floor or counter like marble or granite means polishing it to give it a shine. It does not mean removing stains like hazy acid stains or water mineral deposits. Beyond polishing is restoration back to the stone’s original appearance and this requires a lot more time and labor and therefore necessitates an additional cost.

Wood or Laminate Floor Cleaning and Polishing:
Occasionally, a wood or laminate floor may have coats of wax or floor finish on them in an attempt to make them “shine”. Over time, the finish begins to peel and yellow. This makes the floor look dirty. The floor finish needs to be “stripped” from the wood or laminate and this requires a whole different process than just cleaning. This will require a new or separate charge.

After cleaning wood or laminate floors, they may appear dull or without much luster. To bring back a shine, they can either be buffed or treated with a coating of polish. Sometimes both buffing and polishing may be required to achieve the look you want. We customarily apply only one coat of polish to your floor. Any additional coats are at an additional expense.


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